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Players ShakingThere is always league play going on, between players who play at your level!  See the chart below for a breakdown of what’s happening, when. For the current year's specifics, see CALENDAR.

The most popular is “Adult League,” which TACK usually divides into two sessions of 2 ½ months each. Results there contribute the most to changes in player ratings. New for 2019: TACK added a "Fun League" for players not active during Session 1 (see below). ("Fun League" does not count towards ratings.)

The summer sees “Mixed” and “Combo” leagues, about two months each, with the “Singles” league running at around the same time. The year ends with about 3 months of the “Fall League.” It’s unique to TACK, and has the same format as “Adult League” but at a reduced match size – it’s intended as a warmup to the start of “Adult League.”

Tri-Level is the odd one, since it’s played on a single weekend in a tournament format, though advancement possibilities are the same as other leagues.


What? When? Singles/Doubles? Rating Categories Matches Played Cost Winners advance…
Adult League January-May (usually divided into 2 sessions -- see CALENDAR) Both (except 55+ -- doubles only) 2.0 and up, in 3 age categories 2 singles, 3 doubles (8 players). Exceptions: 2.0 or 2.5 is 1 singles, 2 doubles; 55+ is 3 doubles Indoors Registration + court fees State ("Regional") Championship, and beyond
"Fun League" January-May (also divided into 2 sessions) Both 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 (18+ only) -- offered in sessions which skip that ratings category 1 singles, 2 doubles Indoors Registration + court fees No advancement, does not count towards NTRP,


(two weekends)

Doubles 3 adjacent ratings (2.5+3.0+3.5, e.g.), in 3 age categories 3 doubles (6 players), 1 of each rating Mostly outdoors Registration + court fees State ("Regional") Championship, and beyond
Mixed June-July Doubles 5.0, 6.0, etc., in 3 age categories 3 doubles (6 players), sum of court rating not to exceed rating category Mostly outdoors Registration only State ("Regional") Championship, and beyond
Singles June-July Singles 2.5 and up, in 2 age categories (no 55+) No teams, all matches are individual Outdoors Registration only (none -- local only)
Combo August-September Doubles 5.0, 5.5, 6.5, 7.5, etc., in 3 age categories 3 doubles (6 players), sum of court rating not to exceed rating category Mostly outdoors Registration only State ("Regional") Championship, and beyond
Fall League October-December Both (except 55+ -- doubles only) 2.5 and up, in 3 age categories 1 singles, 2 doubles (5 players) (exception: 55+ is 3 doubles) Indoors Registration + court fees (none -- local only)


Rating: The USTA National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP) is a part of your USTA membership. Ratings run from 2.0 to 7.0. See this USTA poster (PDF format) for a description of each NTPR rating. If you are new to USTA, click here for a description on how to self-rate. All play is separated into men's and women's leagues, except Mixed Doubles. For questions about how NTRP is computed, this FAQs page is helpful. (See also these videos from USTA.

Age categories are 18+, 40+, and 55+. Your age must be equal to or above an age category to play in that category, but your age is assumed to be that of your birthday during the calendar year of play. (For example, if you turn 55 on December 31, you could play 55+ all that year, even though you’re actually 54.) Some older players play in all 3 age categories.

Senior players: TACK does not currently offer any local league play specific to 60+ or older. USTA KY generally offers two invitational tournaments on 3-day weekends – 60+/70+ in the spring, and 65+ in the fall. The tournaments are played on clay, and teams play 3 doubles courts per match. See this page for more on senior play opportunities from USTA KY.

State level League Play- If your team has qualified to advance to the State ("Regional'") Championship for your league, please click here for information on location, registration, lodging, captains information etc.

For current costs (registration, court fees), and state championship dates and deadlines, see the CALENDAR. For league regulations, see REGULATIONS.

last updated February 10, 2021