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  • What is a USTA Captain? Captains volunteer their time to provide organizational support to USTA league play. They assemble teams, set rosters, and record scores from matches.

  • WHO is a USTA Captain? Captains can be anyone -- rating/skill is irrelevant! Captains are usually players in the league in which they captain teams, but not necessarily. All that's required is a passion for the sport, and the willingness to provide organizational support for other players.

  • How much time? Some captains are VERY organized, and 2-3 hours a week is typical for them. Some captains are just the designated guy amongst a group of friends -- the time commitment can be quite small for them.

  • What do you need to know? About skill playing tennis? Not much! Captains do need to know procedures and rules for USTA play, since they provide leadership. (See REGULATIONS for that.) But a few years' experience as a USTA league player goes a long way.

  • Do I get to play for free? Wouldn't that be nice? Captains, unfortunately, get no break on registration or court fees -- they pay the same as any other player. TACK does provide gifts to captains (usually gift certificates), and there are prizes for league winners.

  • How can I get started? Any USTA member can start a team! Here's a link to the USTA page for that, but you should have enough people before you register a team.  (We suggest having at least 150% of a single match court count, to allow for personal schedules.) See our CALENDAR page for team formation deadlines.

State level League Play- If your team has qualified to advance to the State ("Regional'") championship for your league, please click here for information on location, registration, lodging, captains information etc.



Look for uploads and links to examples/tools for captains just starting out.


Last updated January 12, 2022