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TACK Mixed Doubles and Singles Leagues Registration Opens

Mixed Doubles League registration opened April 11th.  League play is June 7th, to August 8th, and the initial roster deadline is May 20th.  If you need assistance finding a team, please contact Local League Coordinator Tara McGuire at

Singles League registration opened April 1st.  League play is June 3rd, to August 28th, and the initial roster deadline is May 25th.  If you need assistance finding a singles league team, please contact Local League Coordinator Leslie Russ at  


State Championships Regulation Change


  • Teams are now required to submit a “Team Deposit” of $200 by the “Initial Registration Deadline” for that championship. 
  • *Note: The $200 check will not be deposited only held. No check will be deposited (if needed) without the knowledge of the team captain (or captain representative).
  • Please make and mail deposit checks to: USTA Kentucky, Attn: Kathy Klein, 8900 Greeneway Commons Pl, Ste 101, Louisville, KY 40220
  • Deposits will be held by USTA Kentucky until the conclusion of the applicable 2022 League Championship. If a team pulls out before the schedule is published, the deposit will not be forfeited. If a team pulls out after the schedule is published or if a team does not successfully complete the championship, the deposit will be forfeited. If a team defaults courts during the championship the tournament committee may impose a fine of $75.00 per court.
  • Any team dropping out of the championship after the schedule has been published via email to captains and/or participants or on may be required to pay a $200.00 penalty. Any registration fees paid up to that point will not be refunded. If the fine is accessed, players will not be eligible to play league tennis until the fine is paid in full (at the discretion of the tournament committee).


  • Adult 18+/40+/55+, Mixed Doubles, Combo Doubles, Singles and Tri-Level Championships: $36.00 per player
  • Adult 65 & Over, and 60/70 & Over Invitational Championships: $40.00 per player
  • Registration fees are non-refundable once the schedule has been published.


  • 2-3 Teams Locally = 2 Teams Advance
  • 4-6 Teams Locally = 3 Teams Advance
  • 7-10 Teams Locally = 4 Teams Advance

To register/read all of the rules and regulations this year, go to, then select the league.


New Regulation for Teams that Advanced to/ Qualified for Nationals the Previous Year

The below regulation was not originally included in the regulations provided by USTA Southern, but the updated regulations are now available on the TACK website.

2.06A(2): Split-Up - No more than three (3) players who were on the roster of any team that advanced to, or qualified for, any National Championship team the previous year may play together in the same Division, same Age Group and at the same NTRP team level as the National Championship team(s), if their NTRP rating allows. Split-Up requirements only apply to players who participated in two (2) or more matches (no default received shall count) for that team during the championship year.


Court Fees for 2022 TACK League Play

All three clubs (Bluegrass Racquet Club, Lexington Tennis Club, and Top Seed Tennis Club) charge identical court fees for all matches. Contact us for questions.  


  • 18+: $15.09 + tax = $16.00. (Session 1/2, and concurrent "Fun Leagues")
  • 40+: $13.68 + tax = $14.50. (Session 1/2, and concurrent "Fun Leagues")
  • 55+: $12.74 + tax = $13.50. (Session 1/2, and concurrent "Fun Leagues") 

MIXED AND COMBO LEAGUES: TACK is paying for all court cost for all Mixed Doubles and Combo League matches as originally scheduled.  Please see TennisLink for information on match locations.


  • 18+/40+: $15.09 + tax = $16.00.
  • 55+: $12.74 + tax = $13.50. 


Last update: April 19, 2022


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Last updated: April 19, 2022