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TACK Resumes League Play!

June 1 is our official Adult League Session 2 restart date, pending the release of a new schedule. See the May 19 newsletter for details. 


USTA Announces All League Play Suspension Due to COVID-19

From USTA: Due to the situation surrounding the COVID-19 virus, and after discussions with the USTA Medical Advisory Committee*, the USTA has suspended USTA sanctioned products and events through May 31. Read our COVID-19 "Safe Play" handout here (available at clubs at match time).



TACK Player Participation Request Form

Want to join a team, but don't know any captains? Wondering how to make connections with other players? Use the TACK Player Participation Request Form (click here). Tell us your rating, age group, and intentions, and we'll find captains/teams that serve your needs! The results of all submissions are monitored by league coordinators and other TACK officials.



Court Fees for 2020 TACK League Play

There are no changes to court fees this year. All three clubs (Bluegrass Racquet Club, Lexington Tennis Club, and Top Seed Tennis Club) charge identical court fees for all matches

  • 18+: $15.09 + tax = $16.00. (2018: $13.50 + tax = $14.31) 
  • 40+: $13.68 + tax = $14.50. (2018: $13.50 + tax = $14.31)  [This adjustment comes from the format for 40+ (1 singles, 4 doubles = 9 players).]
  • 55+: $12.74 + tax = $13.50. (2018: $11.00 + tax = $11.66) 

These increases begin January 1, 2019, and apply to Adult League (January-May) and Fall League (October-December) Summer/doubles leagues have yet to be decided.

Last update: May 19, 2020


Newsletter Archives

[See below for links to the last 10 or so -- contact us if you'd like to see archives further back.]


Tuesday, March 10, 2020: TACK: Session 1/"Fun league" schedule out + Tri-Level


Monday, February 24, 2020: TACK: Tri-Level Schedule Available + Party!

Sunday, February 9, 2020: TACK: Tri-Level Deadline Friday! + Session 2 + Kentucky Open