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TACKLOGOTennis Association of Central Kentucky (TACK)

TACK is a community tennis association affiliated with USTA and USTA KY. TACK is non-profit, and all members of the TACK board donate their time. (Local league coordinators are paid, but are not voting members of the board.) Participation in USTA League Play requires membership in USTA, though TACK also sponsors its own events and tournaments. 

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The Board for 2021


Charles Matthews, President

Joe Ross, Vice President/President-Elect

Clinton Colliver, Treasurer 

Judy Craft, Secretary

Jeffrey Jones, Past President

Leony Barroso, At Large

Laura Singler, At Large 

Lisa Allen, At Large

Greg Hazlett, At Large

Janine Coy, At Large

Laurel Humbert-Stock, At Large

Elisabeth Hixson, At Large

Trey Whitnell, At Large

Nina Begley, At Large

Ad Hoc

Kiri Van Haaren, Volunteer Coordinator

Local League Coordinators (LLC's -- report to Board)

Leslie Russ (Adult Leagues)

Tara McGuire (Fun, Tri-Level, Mixed, Combo and Fall Leagues) 


Standing Committees


  • Bylaws: *Laura Singler, Casey Hutchens, Janine Coy
  • Scheduling: *Stutzi Hixson, *Lisa Allen, Leoni Barroso, Greg Hazlett, in coordination with the LLC's (see above)
  • Marketing: *Joe Ross, Laurel Humbert
  • Grievance: *Janine Coy.(others selected as needed)
  • Volunteer: *Kiri Van Haaren, Nancy Sebring, Judy Craft, Leslie Russ
  • Budget: *Clinton Coliver, Laurel Humbert, Laura Singler
  • Tournaments: *Joe Ross, Stutzi Hixson, Greg Hazlett, Joe Ross

Last updated January 19, 2022